Next Degree Program

The CSNR Next Degree Program

With competition for new students between DOE labs, industry, and NASA becoming stronger, the Next Degree Program creates a more sufficient work force to meet the growing demands of nuclear technology. The Next Degree Program allows the CSNR to perform concept feasibility studies of potential technologies for space exploration.

Students graduating with a B.S. in an engineering field are chosen to continue with their next degree, either a Master's or Ph.D. Students are offered ½ time employment in the CSNR to work on space exploration projects or on projects directly related to INL programs, while they simultaneously complete their next-degree at the Idaho State University/University of Idaho extension campus in Idaho Falls, ID.
Alternatively, students who have completed their coursework at their university may participate as Next Degree students in the CSNR and retain their university affiliation. In addition, the students may also be available to INL staff for short term support to ongoing projects. These projects infuse new, high-quality students into the local campus, providing a work-force for competitive engineering fields. The CSNR currently hosts 5 Next Degree students in a variety of disciplines, including nuclear and mechanical engineering. The Next Degree program offers an industry-competitive 1/2 time salary, with full benefits (excluding retirement).