Areas of Research

The 2019 CSNR Summer Fellowship Program, June 10 through August 16, 2019, will be the 14th year of this intense, innovation exploration of applications of nuclear energy in space.  Previous years have explored a variety of research topics such as mobile lunar base design, assessment of duel mode nuclear thermal rockets, advanced radioisotope power source design and mapping Asteroid Belt resources.  In 2017 and 2018 we focused our study topics on near-term challenges in the production and operational behavior of the Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermo-electric Generator (MMRTG).


The two or three research topics are chosen before the beginning of the summer so that Summer Fellows are able to investigate some of the topics’ issues and history before arriving in Idaho Falls.  The Summer Fellows are divided into two or three teams, based on the different fields of expertise needed by each project.  The Summer Program gives the Fellows a chance to explore fields beyond those within their majors, so that nuclear, chemical and aerospace engineers have an opportunity to learn a cross-disciplinary approach to some challenge, real-world problems.


We are still in the process of defining the projects for the summer of 2019.  Watch this webpage for more information about December 1.


During the summer, the Fellows will be asked to make short presentations of the results of their research and a final oral/written presentation to the laboratory management.